PalFest Day 3: Steering, Ya3ni

On Monday evening, the PalFest of the South — in Gaza — held their closing-night event at the restored Dar al-Basha house. Meanwhile, the PalFest of the North held its second literary evening in the garden of the British Council in Jerusalem.

PalFest Day 2: Narrative and Conflict

Many of the spaces that the PalFest’s northern group traveled through on Sunday — from Ramallah to Birzeit to Jerusalem — were mute. Some were narrativized only by half-thoughts such as KEEP THE TERMINAL CLEAN and HAVE A SAFE AND PLEASANT STAY signs, which book-end Qalandiya’s cattle-prod checkpoint.

PalFest Previews: Omar al-Khairy on a Chance to Connect and Collaborate ‘Outernationally’

This will be playwright Omar El-Khairy’s first trip with the Palestine Festival of Literature. His most recent theater production, “Sour Lips,” was reviewed on ArabLit earlier this year; he’s also a filmmaker, at work on “Tunnels,” a “somewhat Beckettian film about a young boy from Gaza who meets an old man at a bus stop in this suspended world – somewhere between Gaza and London.” ArabLit & Omar El-Khairy had a brief email interview.

Creative Writing Workshops in Gaza

@Palfest sent out this video of the Gaza creative-writing workshops that were held this past May in partnership with @reachouttoasia. Translator Nariman Youssef (@nariology) says in the short film that, after the workshops, “their voices started coming through for real.” And one… Read More ›


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