Chip Rossetti Wins PEN Grant to Translate Mohamad Makhzangi

From the PEN website:

Chip Rossetti for Animals in Our Days, short stories by Mohamad Makhzangi, an Egyptian psychiatrist, journalist and fiction writer who was studying alternative medicine in Kiev during the Chernobyl nuclear accident. Drawing on Arabic traditions of animal fables, these stories, written with “translucent poetic sensibility,” use animals to comment on political oppression and the human capacity for encountering the magical and the inexplicable. (To be published by the American University in Cairo Press.)

مبروك to Chip Rosetti!


  1. Mohamed Al Makhzangi is one of the best Short Story writers in the last decade. So commited to his craft and talent. This book – collection of “Animals in Our Days” is one of his best writings. I strongly recommend it for all of you who appreciate good read.

  2. Thanks for the مبروك — I’m delighted to be translating such a wonderful collection of stories!

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