Listen: 4 Shortlisted for 2018 ArabLit Story Prize

On September 15, we announced the four stories shortlisted for the 2018 ArabLit Story Prize:

This year’s prize, the first ever, is being judged by novelist Ma’n Abu Taleb, translator Thoraya El Rayyes, and novelist Ruqaya Izzidien; the winner is set to be announced October 15.

In no particular order:

Rasha Abbas’s “How to Swim the Backstroke with a Shilka Missile,” translated and read by Fatima El-Kalay:

Muhammad Abdelnabi’s “Our Story,” translated and read by Robin Moger:

Raja Alem’s “The Boa”, translated and read by Rana Ghuloom:

Maya Abu-Alhayyat’s “Kharandia,” here read by the author because of a permissions mix-up with Riham Adly’s English translation:


Each shortlisted story wins $50, with an additional $200 for the winner.