Sunday Submissions: ArabLit Quarterly Winter 2019 (The Strange)

We are now accepting submissions for the Winter 2019 issue of ArabLit Quarterly, the theme of which is the strange:

The strange is not just the unknown and astonishing, but also the uncanny, peculiar, and unexpected.

ArabLit Quarterly is particularly looking for translated poetry, comix, cover art, interviews, profiles, features, translated (stand-alone) novel excerpts, translated essays, and translated short-short fiction. If you have other ideas, please pitch

We are also looking for strong pitches for:

*CREATIVE TRANSLATION: Some form of experimental translation.

*UNPREDICTABLE LISTICLE: A listicle, but not the usual kind.

*TRANSLATE THIS: Short essays on books that should be translated and why.

*MOSTLY FORGOTTEN CLASSICS: A short, sharply written feature on a lesser-known (but brilliant) Arabic literary work.

*LITERARY PLAYLIST: A musical playlist to go along an Arabic literary work of your choice. Listen to David Kanberg’s Otared playlist on Soundcloud.

*OPEN LETTER TO A LATE AUTHOR: An open letter to a deceased author of your choice.

ALQ will pay authors, artists, and translators a small honorarium via PayPal.

If you are interested in participating, please email We’d prefer a 100- to 200-word pitch about what you would like to submit, rather than a completed submission. The pitch deadline is December 15, 2018. The deadline for a draft will be January 15, 2019.

We strongly recommend that you check out the Fall 2018 issue before submitting to get some idea of what we’re about and whether you want to be a part of it. If you cannot afford the $6 epub or PDF issue, email for a discount code.


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