Listen: ‘Writing Through Crisis | كتابة الأزمة’ Podcast Series

Writing Through Crisis is a podcast series that, according to organizers, “explores the possibility of recovery through language”:

It started in September 2019, when the Danish Egyptian Dialogue Initiative invited a group of nine writers from Egypt and Denmark to participate in a writing and translation summer school. This four-day program was facilitated by Egyptian writer Haytham El-Wardany and literary critic Nazila Kivi.

The podcast series is hosted by Egyptian writer Charles Akl, and features writers Nariman Youssef, Sahar Mandour, Nourhan Tewfiq, Naira Antoun, Mathias Ravn, Zara Lea Palmquist, Jamal Bendahman and Drude Pallesen. The podcast was edited and designed by filmmaker Nadine Salib.

Listen at SoundCloud: