Khaled Khalifa Awarded the 2021 Banipal Visiting Writer Fellowship

Khaled Khalifa is set to arrive in Durham on January 11, 2021. During the term, he’s expected to engage in literary activity with writers and readers in Durham, the North East of England, and other parts of the UK, in addition to pursuing his work-in-progress.

Queerness in Khaled Khalifa’s ‘No Knives in the Kitchens of This City’

“There is no shortage of varieties of shame: of body, of one’s sexuality or lack of sexuality, of modest or immodest dress, of impoverished dress, of ugliness, of age, of illness, of disability, of vanity, of religion, of doubting one’s religion, of being complicit with the regime, of Syrianness, of having no ‘important’ family roots, of people who talk incessantly about their roots.”

Syrian Novelist Khaled Khalifa: ‘What Is Left of the City After All That?’

Asmaa Abdallah reviewed Khaled Khalifa’s There are No Knives in the Kitchens of This City, translator Lissie Jaquette talked about why the novel will succeed in English, and now al-Mustafa Najjar has interviewed Khalifa, talking about why he continues to set his novels in Aleppo, the duty of the writer, and what sort of characters he enjoys writing.