Join this interview with translator Kareem James Abu-Zeid about his translations of Rabee Jaber’s novel Confessions and poet Najwan Darwish’s collection Exhausted on the Cross as part of the afikra Book Club series.Continue Reading

The other winners were Martin Pousson, for Black Sheep Boy, in fiction; Paul Kalanithi, for When Breath Becomes Air, in creative nonfiction; Elizabeth Letts, for The Perfect Horse, in research nonfiction; Solmaz Sharif, for Look, in poetry; Stacey Lee, for Outrun the Moon, in young adult; Eli Saslow, for “The White Flight of Derek Black,” in journalism; and Lisa Loomer, for Roe, in drama.Continue Reading

While you’re on your way to the polls — or as you wait for results, or as you assiduously ignore what’s going on in the US — catch up on any Bulaqs you might have missed.Continue Reading