‘Institutional and Critical Neglect’ As Part of the Sudanese Writer’s Experience

Translator Max Shmookler, who is currently co-editing a collection of Sudanese short stories with ArabLit contributor Raphael Cormack, continues to write, in a posts that first appeared on Baraza, about the challenges of bringing the “best” Sudanese literature into English.

International Prize for Arabic Fiction Shortlist Countdown: Reading ’God’s Land of Exile’

ArabLit and 7iber are jointly covering this year’s Internation Prize for Arabic Fiction (IPAF) – in English and Arabic — beginning with reviews of the novels and interviews with longlisted novelists. We continue with Ashraf al-Khamaisi’s God’s Land of Exile, a book reviewer Raphael Cormack says has “earned its place on the longlist.”

Ashraf al-Khamaisi on Writing Bedouin Lives, Thinking Globally

Raphael Cormack sat down with Egyptian novelist and short-story writer Ashraf al-Khamaisi, to talk about writing, life, and his International Prize for Arabic Fiction-longlisted “God’s Land of Exile.” The interview in its entirety is on SoundCloud. Here, Cormack has extracted and summarized a few moments about writing, death, and translation.

‘1920 to 1930’: Anti-Prohibition and the Arabic Short Story in New York City, 1920

The story is interesting for several reasons. It shows this Arabic cultural journal (marketed outside the US as much as within it) taking an interest in the American issues of the day – Prohibition had been brought in at the beginning of 1920. It is also an early example of modern Arabic speculative fiction. Most of all, it is a fun little story and glimpse into Jacob Raphael’s 1920s Arabic publishing venture.