MediaSource: Blog Spotlight – Arabic Literature (in English)

Full Stop: What’s a Blog Good For?

Time Out Beirut: Literary Culture.

The National: Arabic literature in translation.

7 thoughts on “Coverage of ArabLit

  1. Hello
    I am the Director of the Emirates Airline Festival of Literature. We have a wonderful international festival in March (6th to 10th) with a host of renowned Arab World authors.
    All 140+ sessions are available with simultaneous translation so language is never a barrier.
    Please can we send you details about our Arab World writers?
    Kind regards
    Isobel Abulhoul


  2. New novel Ishtar coming by Mahir Salih , The novel about westernised Iraqi middle class women who clash with tradition . The event between Baghdad and London 1980s era under sadam’s reign. Full of culture ,adventures and accurate description to daily life. enjoy


  3. I am very interested in a Emirates air lines litre ture festival. My favourite airlines. I had published is hear is coming and now in process of publishing prince of spring
    Mahir salih


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