This February 2022, we share our second “In Focus” section, edited by Nadia Ghanem and Leonie Rau. For “New & Inventive Voices,” we asked a number of Algerian writers to put together a list of their highlights from among recent books. Zakia Allal has also put together a special feature on novelists who have shaped contemporary Algerian literature.  In “30 Reads: A Month of Algerian Women Writers,” Nadia Ghanem has brought together 30 days of reading suggestions by Algerian women writers. Explore more special features below, with more from our archives on the left.

Inventing a canon:

A month of reading women:

“Algeria… thirty million mirrors and the truth bouncing from one to the other, endlessly, without ever reaching its target. It is the country of questions.”

Chawki Amari, from After Tomorrow, tr. Nadia Ghanem

On crime writing:

An overview:

Featured interview:


Recommended sites:

Algérie littéraire by journalist Sarah Kharfi

Machaho Tellem Chaho by ArabLit editor Nadia Ghanem

Algerian Women Writers, also by Nadia Ghanem

Book Nomad podcast’s Algeria section

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