Mohammed Dib and ‘The Savage Night’

Algerian literature—both in its French and Arabic flowerings—is a rich one. Francophone Algerian literature has had a significant impact in France and other French-speaking nations; Arabic literature from Algeria has not been as regionally influential, although there are individual exceptions. In any case, both French and Arabic Algerian writing has been under-appreciated by English-language readers.


Nomadics Translates Dib

Nomadics has translated three poems by Mohammed Dib: “Guardian Shadow” 1, 2, and 3. Dib is an Algerian writer much-lauded in France but little translated into English. Was an Algerian writer. He died in 2003. Is. Was. Remains. I remember… Read More ›

Algerian Flash Fiction

“The Long Road of H.H.,” by Chawki Amari, recently appeared in Algeria’s Al Watan, according to the blog Algerian Review. The translation to English is a little harum-scarum—so it’s difficult to tell what the language would feel like (perhaps choppy?… Read More ›