The Starkly Different Lives of Mobile Libraries and Bookshops in Abu Dhabi, Baghdad, and Cairo

"On one recent afternoon, al-Moussawi drove to an upscale neighborhood and parked at a mall near the University of Baghdad. There the clientele was mainly students, so he put out textbooks, novels and poetry in different languages, and celebrity biographies."

Competition May Drive Cairo’s Booksellers to Seek New, Lower-income Buyers

In a generally depressing article in Al Masry Al Youm about the few Cairenes who are targeted by the new bookstore boom (those "who can afford to shop for expensive Arabic and foreign books while sipping a cappuccino and savoring a marble cake"), I found this exciting gem: But as competition is getting harsher in Cairo, [Diwan co-founder Hind] Wassef and some of her counterparts are contemplating searching for new markets outside the capital city and targeting readers with thinner wallets.