Friday Finds: Cairokee Issues a Song in Memory of Egyptian Author Ahmed Khaled Towfik

The video has already garnered more than 330,000 views, a testament to the popularity of Egypt’s godfather of genre.


Cairo Announces Second Annual Book Fair

Still, it’s unclear whether any international publishers would be willing to come in for a second annual fair. The Amman Book Fair is already set for September 26-October 6, and the critically important Frankfurt Book Fair is October 10-14. The International Book Fair in Algiers is generally held at the end of October, with the Sharjah, Kuwait, Doha, Jeddah, and Beirut Book Fairs tightly packed in November and December. 

Haytham El Wardani: ‘Sleep is Not Defeat’

“What happened on June 30 happened, the defeat came to pass, and it was then that I started to take the subject seriously. It’s true that the book isn’t about the revolution and its defeat but it is haunted by the political through the discussion of sleep and its attempt to escape the conventional portrayal of sleep as a surrender, a laziness, an anti-activity.”

Friday Finds: ‘Raya and Sakina’s Men’

“He was later to recall that he and his siblings had inherited four feddans of land on the death of their father, but that he had ceded his share to his mother and younger brothers, who worked it and lived off it, and would supply him in exchange with grain and ghee. But no effort was made to establish the veracity of these claims and they do not seem to match with the life he led in Alexandria.”