Friday Finds: ‘Another Trip to the Tower Mirage,’ by Yasser Abdellatif

and marble like ivory
gleaming damply
with daylight dwindling
till shadows swallow
stealing footfalls
and three lifts to the left.


Basma Abdel Aziz on Writing ‘The Queue’

“In both my fiction and my academic writing, I have long been interested in the mutually constitutive roles of ruler and ruled. I am intent on exploring how this manipulates people’s fates, and am determined to resist the ways it reshapes their understanding of the world.”

Launching Sahar Elmougy’s Long-awaited ‘The Hill’s Musk,’ A Rewriting of Mahfouz’s Amina

“She’d drowned herself in anti-depressants that left her a breathing corpse until, one day of July, Mariam found herself walking coldly into the kitchen and turning the knob on the cooker on so the gas would flow freely into the house. Minutes later, she turned it off quietly and opened the kitchen window as if to clear the house off the smell of potato frying.”