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Leila Abdul Razzaq to Launch Graphic Novel ‘Baddawi’ in Spring

This spring, Just World Books will launch what it’s calling the “first book-length graphic work written/drawn in English by a Palestinian.”


Recommended: 10 Arab Graphic Novels in French

Friday’s list of graphic novels was limited to those written in Arabic, as it was for a course taught in Arabic. But let’s be honest, some of your favorite graphic novels were written by Arabs in French.

Ganzeer on the Visual Language of ‘The Apartment in Bab El-Louk’

This month, Words Without Borders launched its International Graphic Novels: Volume VIIII, which features an excerpt from Donia Maher, Ganzeer, and Ahmad Nady’s “The Apartment in Bab El Louk,” trans. brilliantly by Elisabeth Jaquette. The collaborative project is a gorgeous look at life in Bab El-Louk. Ganzeer answered a few questions about how it came about, and what he plans to do next.

The Rising Profile of Algerian Manga

Algiers has long been a cartooning hotspot, and the International Comics Book Festival of Algeria (FIBDA) is an important annual event. But although Algiers has welcomed and celebrated both Arabophone and Francophone comic artists — Lebanese graphic novelist Jorj Abu Mhayya and Egyptian magazine TokTok both won awards at last year’s fair — the Algerian scene has its own flavor. Lately, apparently, manga has been on the rise.