Iman Yehia and the Story of Yusuf Idris’ Marriage to Diego Rivera’s Daughter

The photos were a part of the text, and I did not describe them. They give artistic touches so that the reader can feel their ache and circumstances. It is enough to tell you that this novel could not have been published if I had not found a good picture of Hassan Fouad’s “We Defend the Constitution” poster.  The discovery of this old, forgotten poster deserves a whole novel.

Habib al-Sayah: Cracking ‘the Shell of the Taboo Around Talking about Algerian Jews’

"My decision to write about that relationship was based in my conviction that Algerian Jews were an integral part of social, historical, and cultural elements; they spoke the same languages (Algerian, in Arabic or Amazigh dialects). They wore the same traditional clothing. They prepared the same foods. And they shared what was made. They played the same music. They sang the same songs. Only the two religions were different."