Who’s Afraid of Dead Arab Authors?

In a recent commentary for Al Araby, الترجمة باعتبارها استشراقاً, Jordanian poet and novelist Amjad Nasser writes about translation: The piece begins with an anecdote, a time when Nasser was asked to suggest a novel to translate, and he suggested the acclaimed… Read More ›

An Excerpt from Taghreed al-Najjar’s YA Novel, ‘Sitt al-Kul’

“The horizon stretched endlessly in front of her. Yusra had forgotten the world was so huge. She left the shore farther and farther behind, and thanked God the sea was calm that day. Far off in the distance, far away, she saw Israeli naval patrol ships looming menacingly on the horizon. They were poised like sea monsters, ready to snatch up the fishing boats. She turned away and gazed out even farther, imagining far-off countries she wished she could visit.”