Born on This Day: 6 to Read by Ghalib Halasa

"With so much to explore in his 7 novels, dozens of short stories, and scads of genre-crossing nonfiction that feels so relevant to our present day hopes and wars, the door is there, we need simply to walk through it."

Who’s Afraid of Dead Arab Authors?

In a recent commentary for Al Araby, الترجمة باعتبارها استشراقاً, Jordanian poet and novelist Amjad Nasser writes about translation: The piece begins with an anecdote, a time when Nasser was asked to suggest a novel to translate, and he suggested the acclaimed novel by Jordanian novelist Ghalib Halasa, Sultana (1987). As Ali Issa wrote on Jadaliyya, to accompany his translated … Continue reading Who’s Afraid of Dead Arab Authors?