Best-selling Kuwaiti Author Bothayna al-Essa on the Anti-Consumerist Attitude Needed to Write

"The way the world works -- it’s designed such that we're transformed into consumers, and it consumes the individual by making them into a consumer. By entering into this cycle, we lose ourselves and the true voice we hear in our heads when we experience setbacks in this world. It’s upon the writer -- all of us actually, not just writers -- but writers in particular to go up against this way of life."

Leading Kuwaiti Writers Saud Alsanousi and Bothayna al-Essa on Pushing Back Against a Season of Censorship

"There was a time when we'd hoped that the state might sponsor and encourage young writers, because there are quite a number of young people at work writing novels. But today I'm not asking for any support from the state; all we ask is that they leave us in peace, and that we write without interference or guidance or censorship."

‘Al-Multaqa Prize’ for the Short Story Announces Inaugural Longlist

Al-Multaqa Prize for the Short Story has announced its inaugural longlist, for collections published in 2015-2016: The new Kuwait-based prize is unusual in celebrating the overlooked short-story genre. As Jordanian short-story writer Hisham Bustani said a few years back, in praise of 2016 Multaqa longlistee Anis Arafai": "Finding a writer dedicated to the short experimental form … Continue reading ‘Al-Multaqa Prize’ for the Short Story Announces Inaugural Longlist