Mazen Kerbaj To Serialize New Graphic Novel in a Lebanese Newspaper

“The subject? Beirut, Antoine Kerbage, Mohammad el Maghout, theatre, the 70’s, an unpublished manuscript, the arabs, the golden age of Lebanese artistic scene, all mixed with some autobiography (because otherwise it wont be fun).”

‘Limbo Beirut’: A Don’t-miss Illustrated Novel of Contemporary Limbos, Beiruts

“Limbo Beirut″ is a demand that the reader ″balance in the uneasy space between being a voyeur and a participant, gratifying our desire to get inside the head of that stranger we meet on the street…but on the other hand surprising us with the fact that you can never just be a witness, that you′re always going to somehow become involved in the other′s life, whether you mean to or not.″