A Poem from Missing Libyan Author Rabia Cherir

The Libyan poet and journalist Rabia Cherir, one of many anti-regime activists to have disappeared, has been missing since April 29. That’s the day the Berber journalist and poet, a known opponent of the Ghaddafi regime, was shown on television being tortured.


Libyan Poet Khaled Mattawa: Now That We Have Tasted Hope

This weekend, Libyan-American poet Khaled Mattawa has been at New York’s Alwan for the Arts, reciting his own poems and those of other Arab poets. Among the poems he’s reciting, I imagine, is his new work, “Now That We Have Tasted Hope.”

I wouldn’t normally lift an author’s entire work, but, since its initial appearance on BBC’s The World Today, it seems to have been reposted on a number of websites. (Is that a good excuse?) Anyhow:

Add to Forthcoming: New Novel by Hisham Matar

The book presumably draws on Matar’s personal history: In 1990, his father, Jaballa Matar, was kidnapped in Cairo and extradited to Tripoli as a political dissident. Since then, his family heard little about Jaballa Matar’s fate; Hisham described the torturous silence this in a piece for the Gaurdian last January. You can find out more at