Mosaic Rooms: 10 Books to Celebrate 10 Years

To celebrate The Mosaic Rooms’ 10th, the Mosaic team shared 10 books from their 10 years of events, exhibitions, lectures, and films.

6 Great Desert Narratives That Don’t Involve the RAF or TE Lawrence

Robert Allison is right: The desert is a fertile ground for novelists: "Not only in the otherworldliness of the landscape but also for its capacity to act as an existential sounding board for characters; such vast expanses of emptiness naturally encouraging introspection and reflection." Yet his list of the "top 10 novels of desert war" focuses oddly on English-language narratives.

25+ Arab Authors Who Tweet

There are some wonderful, amazing writers who have twitter accounts (Libyan-American poet and translator Khaled Mattawa, Egyptian children's book author Walid Taher, award-winning novelist Miral al-Tahawy), but don't use them. I don't list those authors below. Also, there are authors who -- quite reasonably -- mostly use their Twitter feeds to promote their work. Fair enough. I … Continue reading 25+ Arab Authors Who Tweet

Help Ann Morgan: A Year of Reading (the Arabic-writing) World

This year, freelance journalist Ann Morgan has passed her time reading women. She made a decision early this year, she said, " to devote 2011, the last year of my twenties, to reading books by women and trying to see what we have got to say to the world." Apparently, that must be going well, since … Continue reading Help Ann Morgan: A Year of Reading (the Arabic-writing) World

The Arab Writers Union’s ‘Top 105’ of the 20th Century

Regular readers have seen this list before. However, as new books have appeared in translation, it's time for an update. Below, you'll find the best hundred (well, really 105) Arabic novels as selected by the Arab Writers Union. The rankings are sometimes puzzling, and one imagines there was a good deal of horse-trading involved, but lists are nevertheless fun.