Meet New Literary Agent Saliha Haddad

"In places where agents aren’t common, I think it will help reshape the publishing landscape, to make it more professional and ethical, and to allow serious authors to receive the representation they deserve."

Yasmina Jraissati: ‘For Now, It’s the Syrian Wave’

"I think one of the issues we have is that, in the US, the book industry is, well, very industrial. Most editors know exactly what they're looking for, what would fit with their house’s identity, their target readership, their marketing strategy, their catalog of the following Spring."

Does the Arabic Literary Scene Need More Jackals?

At the Abu Dhabi Book Fair this March, one of the sessions (Agents–How They Operate, How to Cooperate) addressed the paucity of Arab literary agents. According to Chad Post,  presenters concluded that: In order to further promote Arabic literary culture throughout the rest of the world, there needs to be more literary agents representing Arab … Continue reading Does the Arabic Literary Scene Need More Jackals?