Abdelfattah Kilito on ‘The Real Miracle’ of Translation and What Classical Arabic Literature Can Offer Us

Moroccan novelist, essayist, and critic Abdelfattah Kilito has a new book out in English translation this fall: “Arabs and the Art of Storytelling: A Strange Familiarity,” co-translated by Mbarek Sryfi and Eric Sellin. Kilito recently exchanged emails with translator and critic Robyn Creswell, who shared the exchange on Aesop.


‘A Night in Casablanca’: Bringing Mohamed Zafzaf Back to Life

It was thirteen years ago this month that Moroccan author Mohamed Zafzaf — the “godfather” of Moroccan literature — died in Casablanca. Although the French translation of his “The Cockerel Egg” received the Grand Atlas Prize in 1998, and the Spanish translation of his acclaimed “The Woman and the Rose” occasioned a letter from Spain’s king, he has been nearly absent from English translation.