‘Dar Arab’ Publishing House Announces First Translations to English

Dar Arab also tweeted: "For this project / dream, the books were chosen as carefully as the translators ... the road is long but we are natural-born runners."

Friday Finds: Five Omani Writers

"Unsettlement, a lack of centeredness, manifests itself throughout each work as relocation to a foreign country (Alharthi), foreignness within one’s own body (al-Badri), mournful loss of a beloved (al-Saifi, al-Omairi), as well as the self-reflexive displacement of the poet from poem in the act of writing (Allawti)."

Omani Poet, Bloggers Detained; Charges Likely

Omani judicial authorities said Wednesday that they plan to file charges against a poet and bloggers arrested last month. The writers were apparently arrested for demanding political reforms in the country, and for crossing the red line of "disrespect for senior officials, including Sultan Qaboos." The AFP reported that those detained include: "bloggers Nabhan Al Hinshi … Continue reading Omani Poet, Bloggers Detained; Charges Likely