Video Series on Arab Cartoonists: Ali Farzat

At first it was very difficult. My fingers were quickly stiff. Now it is a little better, but if I draw for a long time, it becomes painful. Especially in the nerves. It feels like they are electrificed. But tmy hope is that my drawings are even stronger than before, a million times stronger.

Syria’s ‘War Literature’

Over at Syria Today, Sarah Abu Assali writes this month about Syria’s “war literature.” She discusses the work of acclaimed playwright Mohammad al-Attar, International Prize for Arabic Fiction (IPAF)-shortlisted novelist Khaled Khalifa, “Beirut39”-winning novelist Samar Yazbek, and acclaimed short-story author Zakaria Tamer, Naguib Mahfouz… Read More ›

Reading as Witness

I am in the middle of reading Samar Yazbek’s A Woman in the Crossfire: Diaries of the Syrian Revolution (trans. Max Weiss, available next month), and it is very possibly the most painful book-experience I have ever had. Every few pages,… Read More ›