Poetry, and Tunisia’s Future

A few weeks before the passage of Tunisia’s historic consensus constitution — which happened last night by an overwhelming 200-12 vote — a number of writers and poets communicated their hopes for Tunisia in an open letter to the newly appointed prime minister. The online magazine Tunisia Live translated these hopes and added some from “street poet” Majd Mastoura.

In Tunisia: The Health of the Book

Today and tomorrow, “Cartooning for Peace” will bring together cartoonists from across Tunisia as the country continues to probe its red lines and limits to freedom of expression. This is against the backdrop of the Tunis International Book Fair, which will run through Nov. 3. Chiara Comito wrote about the fair — and the situation of publishing in Tunisia — on her blog, Editoriaraba.

Tunisian Rappers Arrested During Show, Waiting on Charges

Rapper Weld El 15 has popular, driven, to-the-point style — “Police, magistrates, I’m here to tell you one thing, you dogs / I’ll kill a policeman instead of a sheep / Give me a gun I’ll shoot them.” — That lyric, from his song, “Bolicia Keleb,” has made him the target of arrests, most recently last Thursday.


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