Three Translations of Abu al-Qasim al-Shabi’s ‘If the People Wanted Life One Day’

No one has yet submitted a re-translation of “To the Tyrants of the World.” However, we are having a miniature translation slam for Abu al-Qasim al-Shabi’s most famous work.


To the Tyrants of the World

Who does not, this morning, have hope (and fear) for Tunisia on the brain?

I can’t say much for this anonymous Wikipedia translation of Tunisian poet Abo Al Qassim Al Shabbi’s (1909-1934) “To the Tyrants of the World,” but here it is:

Reading Tunisian Author Kamel Riahi on Revolt

As I waited on news this morning about a rumored coup in Tunisia, I thought I’d re-read Kamel Riahi, who says of his stories that they reflect “the lives of the poor [in Tunisia], the homeless, the shoe polishers, الشطّار, young criminals, prostitutes, crushed employees, sailors and street peddlers.”

What (or Who) Is Tunisian Literature?

When the latest issue of Banipal was released (39: Tunisian Literature), the MLA Division on Arabic Literature and Culture commented on Facebook:

New Banipal issue is devoted to Tunisian Literature–a nice gesture, but is that really it? Is that Tunisian literature? (Anyhow, let’s just say, it’s better than nothing)