3 Compelling Memoirs by Egyptian Women Forthcoming in 2018: ‘The Journey’ and Two More

This year, at least three significant memoirs are forthcoming in translation, all of them intimately relevant to women’s lives in 2018, from #metoo to intersectionalism and global solidarity to the fraught spaces between the performance and experience of motherhood.


‘Arab Women Voice New Realities’: Escapism ‘Seems To Be On Our Minds’

“I was keen on exploring the theme of “new” personal and political realities being lived and confronted by women in the Arab world and the diaspora in recent years, especially in the aftermath of the wars and revolutions the region has undergone on multiple levels in the new century.”

Saturday Summer Re-runs: On Translating ‘A’ishah al-Ba’uniyyah, Perhaps Arabic’s Most Prolific Premodern Woman Writer

“When she’s in Cairo and she’s having these exchanges, she’s a widow. She’s probably in her fifties. Her son is with her, and he’s working as a secretary for the Sultan, and she’s living in the quarters of a family friend with his wife. Certainly somebody’s going to take exception, you’re always going to have conservative elements, but we don’t know of it.”

Best-selling Kuwaiti Author Bothayna al-Essa on the Anti-Consumerist Attitude Needed to Write

“The way the world works — it’s designed such that we’re transformed into consumers, and it consumes the individual by making them into a consumer. By entering into this cycle, we lose ourselves and the true voice we hear in our heads when we experience setbacks in this world. It’s upon the writer — all of us actually, not just writers — but writers in particular to go up against this way of life.”