Ali al-Muqri: ‘As for Writers, There′s Nothing They Can Do’

“As for writers, there′s nothing they can do about the terrible situation in Yemen. They live under bombing and mortar fire, the same as everyone else, with the same shortage of basic necessities like water, food and electricity.”


Yemen’s Anti-drone Poetry Contest

A recent Time article by Tik Root (@TikRoot) looks at “Yemen’s New Ways of Protesting Drone Strikes: Graffiti and Poetry.” According to Root, a recent anti-drone poetry contest had as its prize $600 or “1% of the cost of a hellfire missile.”

Iowa’s International Writing Program Sees First Participants from Yemen, Bahrain

Last week, 34 established writers from around the world began to arrive in Iowa City to participate in the University of Iowa’s 47th International Writing Program (IWP) residency. This year sees the program’s first-ever participants from Yemen (poet and filmmaker Sawsan Al-Areeqe) and Bahrain (poet, short-story writer, and essayist Ali Al Saeed). Kuwaiti writer Nada Faris will also join.