Iowa’s International Writing Program Sees First Participants from Yemen, Bahrain

Last week, 34 established writers from around the world began to arrive in Iowa City to participate in the University of Iowa's 47th International Writing Program (IWP) residency. This year sees the program’s first-ever participants from Yemen (poet and filmmaker Sawsan Al-Areeqe) and Bahrain (poet, short-story writer, and essayist Ali Al Saeed). Kuwaiti writer Nada Faris will also join.

Children’s Magazines in the Yemen, Libraries in Egypt

I suppose "Children's Magazines in the Yemen" doesn't have the same appealing ring as Salmon Fishing in the Yemen, but -- although Yemen doesn't actually have a salmon-fishing industry -- it really does have children's magazines, although not as many as a few decades ago: According to a report in this week's Yemen Times, even locally produced Arabic … Continue reading Children’s Magazines in the Yemen, Libraries in Egypt