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Literary translation: reading between the lines

In this 2½ hour workshop, critically-acclaimed literary translator Rosalind Harvey will teach you the nuts and bolts of the industry and give you the opportunity to take part in a creative translation exercise.


afikra Conversations: Writer & Literary Translator Yasmine Seale

Join afikra as they interview British-Syrian Writer and Literary Translator Yasmine Seale on their Conversations series. Seale's reviews and essays on literature, art, myth, archaeology and film have appeared widely, including in Harper’s, The Paris Review, The Nation, frieze, The TLS, Apollo, 4Columns, and the London Review of Books blog. Her

Adab Colloquium: Who Was a Good Poet in Sixteenth Century Damascus?

With ALQ contributor Haci Osman Gündüz (Ozzy)! Biographical dictionaries often also served as anthologies with—at times—detailed analyses of poetry and literary aesthetics. One such work is Ibn Ayyūb al-Anṣārī’s (d. 1003/1595) Kitāb al-rawḍ al- ʿāṭir which is an indispensable resource on major Damascene figures of the sixteenth century. This talk

TMR Conversations: Raja Shehadeh & Amal Ghandour

Amal Ghandour, author of This Arab Life, interviews Palestinian attorney and author Raja Shehadeh about his latest book, a memoir. Palestinian attorney Raja Shehadeh, author most recently of We Could Have Been Friends, My Father and I: A Palestinian Memoir, will discuss his latest work, along with such previous books

Adabiyat Book Club: ‘The Disappearance of Mr. Nobody’ by Ahmed Taibaoui

Adabiyat's virtual book club will be reading Ahmed Taibaoui's The Disappearance of Mr. Nobody, translated by Jonathan Wright in March 2023. Read an extract here: It is a raw, lyrical portrait of life on the margins in contemporary Algiers. DM @__adabiyat__ on Twitter or Instagram to join in!

Exportability and Context: Reading Arabic Literature in the West

In this Crown Seminar, Hosam Aboul-Ela, in conversation with Mona Kareem, will discuss the "exportability" of Arabic literature by looking at the work of Egyptian novelist Sonallah Ibrahim in its Arabic, French, and English versions