Ibrahim Aslan (1935-2012)

The great Egyptian author Ibrahim Aslan died of heart failure in early 2012. He was 77.

On ArabLit:

Rest in Peace, Ibrahim Aslan: includes bibliography, video clips of Aslan, reviews of his work.

‘The World Lost a Major Writer’: includes assessment of Aslan’s importance to Egyptian literature.

On Egypt Independent:

Goodbye Ibrahim Aslan: includes biographical background.

A tribute to Ibrahim Aslan: a warm tribute.

On Jadaliyya

An excerpt from Aslan’s The Heron, trans. Elliott Colla

On Banipal

“Training,” trans. Maya Abu-Deeb


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  1. I watched the film al-Kit Kat, a movie based off Aslan’s The Heron, the other week. It was a great film and I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys watching movies inspired from novels as such. I’ve yet to come across the film with an English translation, however, I could be wrong. If you’ve heard otherwise please tell me. I love your blog by the way!



  1. Who Should Save Egypt’s Archives? | Arabic Literature (in English)
  2. A Brief History of the Cairo International Book Fair | Arabic Literature (in English)

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