‘He Took Great Pleasure in the Process’

Regrettably I have never met Humphrey, but he left a great mark on me during the long video chats and correspondences we had. I was in awe that such a giant was meticulously working with me on his translation of my first novel, taking notes and reviewing and editing each line, word, and letter down to the smallest detail, over and over again.” He took great pleasure in the process, but almost never said a word of praise. Only about half a year later, when he finally finished the last draft, he expressed how he loved the work. And to me that reveals the kind of person he was: A man of great sincerity and poise, whose subtle emotions always ring true and come out genuine. In his work as in his personal communication, he understood when to best express things with clarity, and when silence is more precise.

Always kind, patient, generous with his time, and yet so dedicated to his principles and work ethics; always with that spark when he talked about works he loved, the projects he is working on, and with eagerness to start the next ones. He had so much more to give, and that is why his passing will always be a great loss.

May he rest in peace.

Aziz Mohammed

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