iman2Iman Humaydan was born in the Mount Lebanon governorate in 1956 and studied sociology at the American University in Beirut.

She is currently (January 2015) finishing a new novel, and has previously published the acclaimed B as in Beirut, translated to English by Max Weiss, Wild Mulberries, translated by Michelle Hartman, and Other Lives, also translated by Michelle Hartman.

In an interview with Qantara, Iman said of her novels:

My novels are fiction. In “Wild Mulberries” there is some information which my father gave me, but it is not an autobiographical novel. The protagonist Sara is a fictional person. However there is an episode from my family history which inspired me. The second wife of my grandfather ran away from him. She escaped from the violence and power-hunger of this patriarch, but her later history is unknown. I was happy for the woman when I heard her story; as I say, it inspired me.


An excerpt of Other Lives, trans. Michelle Hartman

A review of Other Lives 

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