‘When Darkness Falls’: On the Shortened, Brilliant Life of Iraqi Author Hayat Sharara

"The word eib rings in my head, it is eib to love, to sing, to get sick, to divorce, to show your emotions...and.…and. I felt these social chains were burdening me with fear, despair, and confusion, and I almost abandoned work on the book, but when I looked at the materials that I had collected, I knew that if I didn’t publish it now, it would never be published.”

Monday Poetry: Ghareeb Iskander’s ‘Great Perplexity’

Iraqi poet and scholar Ghareeb Iskander lives and writes in London: Great Perplexity By Ghareeb Iskander Translated by Salma Harland * In translating Derek Walcott, Words stalk Like egrets do In his later poems, Where he wanted To speak of regret But was overshadowed with delight In a frenzy “like a shallop with a staved-in … Continue reading Monday Poetry: Ghareeb Iskander’s ‘Great Perplexity’