Iraqi writer Faris Adnon spent 30 years crafting poetry.  But this, he says, is no longer the time for poetry. By Faris Adnon Zuhair Al-Jazairi, editor in chief of the “Voices of Iraq” news agency, stated in his popular book, Harb al-A’jiz (The Helpless War) that every Iraqi individual hasContinue Reading

This list is incomplete, but I didn’t want to get too far into 2012 before launching it. Please help by bringing more events to my attention. JANUARY Jan 9 Sawiris Awards announced Jan 11 International Prize for Arabic Fiction shortlist announcement “Early January” Banipal Prize for Arabic Literary Translation toContinue Reading

I am just now finishing a first read of Ali Bader’s حارس التبغ (The Tobacco Keeper, trans. Amira Nowaira), and it has struck me, again and again, how different the public square is here from its counterparts in Egyptian literature. The Tobacco Keeper‘s publics (similar in some ways to publicsContinue Reading

The list below does not include numerous books written by Arab authors in English, French, Swedish, and other languages, many of which I have read and reviewed. Books with a (-) are those that I have requested but not (yet) received. With that in mind, tomorrow, I’ll publish the ArabLit(TM) FavoritesContinue Reading

Ahmed AlKilabi, who earned his first degree in English literature from the University of Baghdad in 1974 and went on to become a Associate Professor of Applied Linguistics, commented recently on my (incomplete) list of Iraqi writers. I invited Dr. AlKilabi, who has taught in Iraq, Jordan, and Oman, toContinue Reading

There were more than three dozen Arabic books published in English translation this year, as well as dozens of books by authors of the Arab diaspora(s). The bulk of what I received in the mail was novels: There is no poetry category below because giving it to Mahmoud Darwish’s InContinue Reading

The flight of Jews from many Arab nations in the middle of the last century was no small event. However, Jewish characters—and I mean particularly from this 1950s exodus—are rare in Arabic fiction.Continue Reading