M Lynx Qualey is the editor-in-chief of the ArabLit cooperative.

Please use our Submittable for all submissions, whether to the website, magazine, or Story Prize.

We can be reached for all other queries at info@arablit.org.


  1. Hello Lynx,
    I just discovered your blog. Good job!
    I thought I’d introduce myself: RAYA agency for Arabic literature. Would’ve liked to discuss some more. Is there an e-mail address for you that I can use?

    1. Dear Arablit,

      some time ago you posted about the Arab Israeli Book Club. I’m delighted to say that we have 40-50 members at the bi monthly meeting, and that we have now launched an online literary journal, featuring specially commissioned translations from across the Middle East. I hope this is something you and your readers will enjoy.See: http://arabisraelibookreview.com/about/
      Very best

    2. Hello , I d like t add that me too, just discovered your site and was amazed. congratulations fro your work
      I have been translating arabic literature for over 25 years. Studied at Cairo University. currenty living in Greece
      translated a significant part of the Egyptian Literary Nobel Prize winner Naguib Mahfouz from arabic into the Greek language as well as many other distinguished Arab authors (over 40 titles). My last work an Anthology of Mosden arabic poetry .. I d like to join thank you

      1. correction: an Anthology of Modern Arabic poetry. //and addendum. thank you for accepting my submission. is there any way or a particular section in the site, a participant may post his own insights on translated work and authors?
        thank you

      2. Welcome to the blog! How lucky we are to hear from a dedicated translator like you! The world looks so much more hospitable in your company!

        1. 🙂 Persa promised to send along some of her articles translated from Greek.

          1. Her humility is touching! Arab translators in the middle Ages were paid the weight of the books they translate in gold!

        2. you are so kind, both of you!! thank you for your warm welcome and lovely and generous words!! the world gets gentler and fiendlier with people like you. 🙂 it great to be able to share insights and experiences with all of you!

  2. Hi Lynx,
    I have just returned from a visit to Bahrain where I read reviews of the books on the ‘shortlist’. Could you please tell me if the following have been translated into English and whether I will be able to find them in South Africa.
    A Cloudy Day on the West Bank
    Sunset Oasis
    Beyond Paradise
    Maryann’s Maze
    She throws Sparks.

  3. Hello Lynx!

    I recently discovered your blog and am really enjoying it! Great posts and recommendations for reading!


  4. Hi Marcia (if I may be so familiar)

    I have just discovered your site and am really taken with it. I don’t know that I have anything particular to contribute, but I wanted to let you know as the translator of Elias Khoury’s al-Woujouh al-Baydaa’, White Masks in English, that the book has just come out (published by Archipelago). I would love to see you review it. I have also recently translated some Iraqi texts for Banipal’s forthcoming issue and would be interested in your candid opinion of/feedback on those, if you were inclined to provide such. I look forward to making your virtual acquaintance!

    1. Hi Maia, I see that you worked on one of Elias Khoury’s books. I am doing a research on Elias Khoury, and it would be helpful if I can ask you some questions about your work on the novel White Masks.
      Looking forward to hearing from you!

      1. Hi Rafik. You can contact me at itinerantcook at gmail dot com. Look forward to chatting with you on email.


  5. I just stumbled upon this; thanks for the excellent readings and recommendations, and especially the Forthcoming page. So many things to look forward to!



  6. hi lynx,

    great to find that you are based in egypt. i heard that this is haven for antiquarian books and great arabic literature.

  7. wonderful blog ,just found it via search for beirut 39 have add you to my feed reader ,all the best stu

  8. Dear Lynx,

    What a wonderful site. I would be thankful if you put this call for manuscripts up for 2011.

    Thanks in advance, Philip

    Vox Humana Books is an independent literary publisher founded in 2009. Vox
    Humana maintains a strong focus on the publication of works by new and established International, American, Israeli, Palestinian and other Middle-Eastern writers and artists. Our new list debuted in the Springof 2010
    with a number of quality titles in fiction, non-fiction and poetry.

    We are currently accepting submissions from both published and new writers in consideration for 2011 (except poetry). Please refer to the guidelines on our submissions page at: http://www.voxhumana-books.com

    Vox Humana Books unique emphasis is on disseminating creative work which adheres
    to the principles of the “Human Voice” in content, form and without intentional
    racism and discrimination, regardless of any inherent artistic or political messaging by the writer or artist themselves. We believe there is room for all differing opinions and stories that can be related while still veering away from the propagation of deliberate anti-life, inhuman diatribe.

  9. Hi M. Lynx,
    I was looking for material for my PhD proposal on Egyptian fiction in translation when I stumbled across your blog, which pointed me to countless invaluable links. Love reading your opinions too (also following you on Twitter since yesterday).

    Keep up the great work!

  10. Al Salam Alaykom,
    I stumbled upon your blog while Googling for literary agents in Egypt, and I’m glad I did! Otherwise, I wouldn’t have found out about this great website. 🙂
    Let me introduce myself, I’m an Egyptian YA author, but unlike all the great names you have on your recommendations list (that I’ll never dare compare myself to), I write in English.
    You don’t know how much finding this blog made my day 🙂 🙂 Added to the subscription list.

    1. Hello Mariam, I have an English book to translate in Arabic. Please feel free to contact me at amtbinhamid@gmail.com if you are interested

  11. Hi…I’d really like to follow your blog, but I can’t seem to find your rss feed.

  12. That’s perfect, thanks! If you want to put in the RSS feed, there is a widget for it in the appearance tab on your dashboard.

    1. I think i did it correctly, although it doesn’t look very…convincing. Sorry, you’d never know me for an “Internet pioneer” after being out of the business for near on a decade.

  13. Hi Lynx,
    I really like your blog. Wonderful material, so much energy, a distinctive voice!
    Many thanks for mentioning my Granta story.
    If you would like a review copy of Lyrics Alley (coming out in December ), please contact Elizabeth.Allen@orionbooks.co.uk

    best regards,

  14. Dear Ms. Lynx,

    Since the day I discovered your blog I look forward to your daily posts and read them with great pleasure. I truly appreciate the broad scope encompassed by your “coverage” (for your blog comprises the contemporary Arabic literary world from Mashriq to Maghreb and from the ocean to the Gulf), the depth with which you analyze the literary as well as the cultural, and, most importantly, your wonderful sense of humor! Your critique, reflecting a bright mind, is truly penetrating; it is much needed and welcomed by any reader interested in Arabic literature (whether in English or not).
    My sincerest gratitude and very best wishes.

    1. Gaelle,

      I don’t believe a word of it, but boy, if you ever run across an editor who runs a lovely book section, please repeat all that.

  15. Please subscribe

  16. Hello,

    Congratulations for the blog…it’s great! keep it like this!
    Can anyone tell me where on the internet can I get the novel of Taha Hussein – Adib (A man of letters) in english? I tried the amazon.com, but it takes too much time and ….It’s realy urgent, i need it for a paper at school. I already found the novel in arabic on 4shared.com, but i would appreciate from the bottom of my heart if someone told me where can i download the english version, translated by mona el zayyat.

    thank you ,
    all the best

    1. Oh boy, a download, I don’t know. I’ll send it out…but have you tried your local libraries? Esp. university libraries? I don’t think me sending it to you from Cairo (in the mail) would be a particularly quick solution…

      1. Hello,

        yes, i asked for it in our local libraries but no luck.
        I don’t know if my email box on yahoo can “handle” such a big attachment, but if you have it scanned and you could send it , it would be wonderfull. We can at least try this option.
        Another option would be if you could share it somewhere…i don t have information on this, i ll have to find out, ask around.

  17. Hello,

    Congratulations for the blog…it’s great! keep it like this!
    Can anyone tell me where on the internet can I get the novel of Taha Hussein – Adib (A man of letters) in english? I tried the amazon.com, but it takes too much time and ….It’s realy urgent, i need it for a paper at school. I already found the novel in arabic on 4shared.com, but i would appreciate from the bottom of my heart if someone told me where can i download the english version, translated by mona el zayyat.

    thank you ,
    all the best

    1. Oh, gosh, I don’t have it scanned…just as a paper relic. Hmm…not at the local libraries, and they couldn’t do interlibrary loan doublequick? If I were you, I might dump it on the library as their fault for not having such a classic work. I’d sound indignant.

      1. Oh, that’s alright. I really hoped i would get lucky this time.
        I ‘ll give it another try on the internet, maybe someone put it there and maybe I will get so lucky and find it.
        I am from Romania and our local libraries are not loaded with arabic literature, though we have arabists and many pieces of the arabic lit have been translated into romanian. But not this one, unfortunately.
        So, it seems there is no chance to get it scanned, would it be too complicated for you to do that? Anyway, i was surprised to get the arabic version from 4shared.com , but not the english version.

        Thank you for your replies.

        All the best!

    2. I’ll post it around and see if anyone else might have it….

  18. I really like your blog. I found it accidentally; it was linked by WordPress on one of your reviews. 🙂

  19. I’m a doctoral student in African Languages and Literature at the University of Wisconsin, focusing on Egypt and Sudan. I’ve been following you for a bit & have just sent a message to all my colleagues and profs telling them to take a look at your wonderful site. This is an invaluable resource. Do you ever sleep?



  20. Hello!

    Do you recommend some bookstore in Cairo to buy these books or is it possible to get them in just any bookshop?


    1. Marko,

      I have a very strict rundown of suggestions for children’s books, but I suppose I’ve never really done a good compare-contrast on the offerings of grown-up books. But certainly most should be available at Kotob Khan, the Shorouks, the Diwans, the Alefs, and the AUC bookstore in Tahrir.

  21. I am adding an excerpt:
    Then, it is that Yafi was born out of a man and woman of Jews in Jerusalem, his family was of Pagans worshiped Goddess statue of trampled called Krishan to whom, massacred animal shall be sacrificed, father was called “Ladi” and the mother called ” Madina”. Ladi was a one known as bandits and as it is known that over time there were murderers and criminals, but then was a killer with no qualms and out of scruples, deadly to any man stands in the way.
    Passing through the roads was dangerous because of killers like Ladi and the bastards’ team of “Alwaarin” that he composed. Alwaarin included five villains, Andy, Hero, Adré and Arif and all were admitting to Ladi. They Left Jerusalem and turned South to seek a precious treasure to hunt.
    Madina was as close to the devel as a woman could be, in spite of the striking beauty that she was destined with, beauty of supernatural and akin to the coerced empower, she was living life of “Pagans”, lustful and footloose.
    Madina get in acquaintance with the Ladi in one of his trips where he was cruising in the country to find distinctive theft that he was known now in Jerusalem and environs. From the rough jagged road, he was resting under a bush, while his companions wandering in search of food. He walked to the bringing of water from the well in the central dimension in place of wilderness and distance … His life was and now of the harsh lives of butchers, that was intolerable to surprises. As he sleep to wake and wake to sleep. A moment of fright and horror of a voice rising from the well, provide the voice of a woman, by the famous voice of ponds, or farms in himself said “maybe one woman fell into the well” despite the fact that it is an abandoned province. Propinquity look of orifice and a voice calling “Hark ye”.
    Ladi nailed in place, while he had to escape from this dismay instant. Then it was that the woman is not as any other women, he lowered down a strand for her to be saved, but did not need this cord and stepped up to the top in relief.
    When she came up to him, he felt a chilling touch of an apparition not human though nearby in a sense, but in effect is more exciting and more captivating. And as he was talking to himself “dearest Goddess, why it is that I see the sky, the Earth, the trees like I never did before not even as Heaven or the pretty terrain”
    He asked her with astonish “who are you?”
    She said “hear from me, will you?”
    He answered without delay, as he looked captured: “say as you wish”
    She questioned his gesture “so, it is that, you do what I say”
    He replied without thinking “Oh, the miraculous, command, tip with thee hands, I follow”,
    In the midst of these moments, Aref was owing a stolen goat, and as approached, he was startled from the scene described and was mesmerized into place. He gave to his struggle as he said, “we seek refuge with the chasm 6 and the most cherished, and with the great of this Valley, the master of all, spare me”, and crooked down with shaken eyes.
    Looked Madina to Arif and gushed with a smile “ease ye, what is it with you?” fluttered Aref “Compassion … Mercy … Forgiveness”
    Wondered Madina with ingenuity “What did you commit that you repent?”
    Admitted Aref “pardon me, I am a sinner”
    Ladi looked to Arif and shouted: “do make confess, that will bring the death”
    He continued “and forgiveness is not fulfilled from the appealing”
    Smiled Madina, persistence he was “They are created for praise”
    Shouted Arif: “but the devel she is …”
    Angry Madina “Seth! I am not a devel”
    Arif: “then how are you walking above water”
    Ladi’s eyes went to her feet and really found her floating above the water and his face turned to the yellowness of death “then how, Shitanh ?”
    Answered, the deeply amused Madina “though, now you will abandon me?
    Ladi answered with sincere “My no no … Do not speak, this spiritual soul belongs to you”
    Risen Aref astonished “You sell your soul to the devel but the pain”
    Then ran Aref fugitive, looking for the rest of Alwaarin, and vanished from sight.
    Ladi turned his face to Madina and asked in a serious voice “and now a word from you, if you to be a devel, then let it be, but if you are not a sprite, you must veil”
    Considered the question “what do you mean?”
    Replied with keen “gone in his prayers and will come with Arif, villains who will kill you if you are a daughter of man otherwise they will set you to blaze if you are a witch, your only salvation if you only to be a sprite”
    Troubled Madina “and what you are doing with me?”
    “I belong to you Fatenti3”
    “Not afraid of me, I might be the devel?”
    “Not afraid but of your eyes my capture”
    Replied Madina in surrender “then we should find a place to hide”
    Breathe a sigh of relief as he snatched from her a discretionary recognition as human, grapping her from her hands, sturdily towards the cart. Taking flogs to the horses that rendered the cart flying and Madina was to hold the shrubs of the car looking as is the most handsome.
    Ladi started the talk “So you a Jinn ?”
    Madina spoke “but sure you want me a medial”
    “And what will be the grounds, my beloved soul”
    “Oh so be in no doubt, I fall in thine entice”
    Ladi cleared out “Oh My, sprites shall respond to entice to occur in reference to human just like human beings worship one another” Ladi continued after a deep sigh “don’t worry I’ll enchant you at all times, But if there not be a Jinn, you have many things that require comprehension”
    Asked Madina “like what?”
    Smiled “walking on water inevitable, for a case,”
    “Oh, I must be the fairy, even walking the water! My”
    Augmented “I think this and also needs to explain you prettiness”
    Disrupt the context a loud scary say, disturbed Madina “what’s this?”
    “Don’t worry, this beautiful head of you, it must be Arif returned with the remaining, and found not the cart”

  22. Im SO EXCITED to have found your blog, I just saw a comment of yours on twitter (I think you were using the Jan25 Hashtag). Keep up the good work, I will add you to my blogroll

  23. I’m impressed, I must say. Really hardly ever do I encounter a blog that’s each educative and entertaining, and let me let you know, you have got hit the nail on the head. Your thought is outstanding; the difficulty is one thing that not sufficient persons are speaking intelligently about. I am very happy that I stumbled across this in my seek for one thing relating to this.

  24. Dear –

    I’m a journalist at the Swedish Radio’s Arts desk writing to ask your help to get in contact with the writer Miral al-Tahawy who is shortlisted for the IPAF in Abu Dhabi. I’d very much like to ask her about her views on the current uprisings in the North African countries.

    I’d be very grateful for your help.
    Kind regards,

    + 46 – 8 – 784 1284

  25. Hey,
    I have a question. Do you translate arabic literature in this blog?
    I mean old literature, like Elia Abu Madi’s work for example. And if not, do you have any idea where can I find a good translation for “الحجر الصغير” poem??

    Best of luck,

  26. Hi Lynx,
    Fantastic website. Keep up the good work. I often visit your site to get ideas for books to read and to add to my growing collection.

  27. Just to let you know your blog appears a little bit strange in Safari on my pc using Linux .

    1. Umm…wish I knew what to do about that! Sorry.

  28. Hi Mlynx, I just stumbled across your blog, but it looks really interesting. You’re posts are enough interesting reading to fill up hours worth of time, but I’ll also be able to add a lot more books and articles to my “to read” list.

    1. Hey, Sandman, nice to meet ya! All suggestions & most criticism appreciated.

  29. Just found your blog, great that there are other blogs exploring the world of non-Euro/American/Antipodean literature in English out there 🙂

    1. Good to see about yours, too!

  30. Hello

    As Director of Jiwar Creation and Society (www.jiwarbarcelona.com), an International Artists and Writers and Researchers residence in the heart of Barcelona, I’m very interested in the your blog and the field you are working on.
    Our project started in October 2011 with a good reception with artists and writers from around the world. The project’s concept is inspired by the Jiwar tradition, which translates as “neighbourhood”. All disciplines are welcome here. Jiwar is very interested in artists and researchers and writers who place their work and their methods on the frontiers between cultures and disciplines.

    We are very interested to know how our project could partner with yours, we are now enlarging our contacts and trying to become more and more visible in the artist community and various networks. We are open to all kinds of collaboration: writers exchange (how can we host your members?), new collaborative projects, partnership, etc.
    Thank you for taking the time to read this.
    We would be happy to continue our conversation by e-mail or skype.

    We look forward to hearing from you soon.

    All the best,

    mireia estrada g .
    Jiwar director

    All the best,

    Mireia Estrada Gelabert


    Jiwar Creation & Society

  31. I’ve somehow stumbled on to your blog, and I just want to tell how much I’m looking forward to following your posts. Thanks for this great resource!

    1. If there’s anything in particular you’d like to see, let me know!

  32. Hi Lynx, I stumbled upon your site while researching libraries across the world for my blog. I have recommended this beautiful site to my daughter who studies Arabic. I would also like to invite you to check out the blog – librraiesofourlives.wordpress.com. My goal is to capture memories of libraries all over the world in the words of users who loved them, before they all get digitized and online , and are lost to posterity. I would be honored if you share one story about libraries in Egypt. We know so little about the system there.

    1. Thanks, and will do!

  33. I have nominated you for the lovely blog award.  If you would like to claim this please see my post at http://totemsage.com/ ‎ for the details. I have shared your blog with my small list of readers.

    1. That’s very sweet, thank you!

    1. hello dear mlynxqualey i was glad to discover such a blog . but really i m ready to collaborate with you as a poet and arabic translator . i ve many published work in translation published to most of great international poets

      please feel free to listen from you to discover more this wonderful blog.

      the poet and translator fethi sassi

  34. Such a great and resourceful site! It’s a shame that I have only discovered it now. I can see that you have information on the newly inaugurated Glenna luschei prize for african poetry. Could you tell when a longlist or shortlist for the 2015 competition will be released? Pls keep up the good work.

  35. Greetings.
    Are the submissions for novels to be published, or for recommendations by you?
    Thank you.

    1. I’m so sorry, this page should really be clearer. It is for submissions to ArabLit, of excerpts, creative work, essays, analysis, literary news, and so on.

  36. Hello, I ve just been told about your site , I m Moroccan and I have published three poetry collections in English and contributed to four international anthologies created by poetry Forums that I represent in my country , I also write in Arabic and translate literary works into Arabic ,French and English , I would like to join and share my works with you,

    1. Houda,

      I tried to respond to the email you put in, but it bounced back to me. Please contact us at info@arablit.org. Thanks!

  37. Could you please make the paperback magazine available in India? Currently, they are not showing on Amazon India.

  38. I am not sure at present how to do this without incurring a large expense, but I will look into it; access for our India readership is of course very important!

  39. Hey Lynx, my name is Amanee and I am a Palestinian woman of the diaspora. My grandparents got kicked out, my parents were raised in Jordan, and me and my sisters were born in the US. I have poems written for my country but I can’t write in Arabic. I’m saddened that I can’t submit here because of that. Why is it that you don’t accept pieces written in English?

    1. Author


      There are many hundreds — or probably thousands — of excellent publications that publish English-language poetry. There are a much smaller group of publications that focus on poetries in translation, fewer still that focus on Arabic literature in translation, and those conversations. Those are the conversations we try to know something about.

      Our sister publication Rusted Radishes publishes in both English and Arabic, http://www.rustedradishes.com, and we encourage you to submit there.

  40. Hello,

    Just discovered you. Wondering if you would consider Arab-American authors with work written in English?

    Thank you,

    Cecile Sarruf

    1. Author

      Cecile, we accept nonfiction written in English for the magazine, although generally *about* literature in Arabic and other languages, or to the theme of the issue. (You can check out the issues at arablit.gumroad.com or clicking on QUARTERLY up above.) As for the website, our niche is Arab/Arabic literatures in translation, although if you do a search on our “Submissions” feature we often recommend magazines looking for fiction & poetry originally in English. Best!

    2. Hi, will send a short story. Thanks for the invite!
      (email is now primary, the one you is not)

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