BILA HUDOOD: African Narratives in Arabic Publishing

This panel will delve into the experiences of Ahmed Val Bin El Dine and Ishraga Mustafa, two African writers publishing in the Arabic literary sphere.  What challenges have they faced, if any? What lessons have they learnt? What is their view on translation? We will also discuss their journey as writers, focusing on their works published and what is to come.

BILA HUDOOD: The Taste of Letters

In this panel, moderated by Nour Kamel, writers reflect on the various tastes that make up food writing in and through Arabic. Kamel is joined by writer, researcher, and filmmaker Salma Serry; the genre-spanning author of Food for Copts (2017) Charles Akl; and Mariam Boctor a member of Botoun’s curatorial team who helped facilitate “The Taste of Letters” workshop and translated some of its texts into English.

BILA HUDOOD: These Literary Truths

With the innovative projects like the Kayfa Ta (“How To”) series and a number of poets turning to long-form prose, there has been a new wave of Arabic literary nonfiction that weaves together deeply intimate family histories with insights into photography, the nature of silence and sleep, patriarchy, and how familial histories twine together with … Continue reading BILA HUDOOD: These Literary Truths

BILA HUDOOD: Young Adult Lit

This panel will be led by leading expert on Arabic YA Susanne Abou Ghaida, who will be joined by three YA writers: by Palestinian-Jordanian novelist Taghreed Najjar, Syrian novelist Maria Dadouch, and Egyptian novelist and translator Ahmed al-Mahdi.

Politics of Literature

The Istanbul branch of Columbia Global Centers is hosting a workshop discussing the engagement of literary figures in the turbulent politics of the turn-of-the-century.

Female Voices in Arabic Literature

Join our panel as they discuss issues of translation, feminism, tradition and recognition in contemporary female Arab literature, in an exchange designed to open up fresh perspectives of women’s writing and Arab culture for everyone.

Online Translation Workshop: Iraqi Kurmanji poet ZĂŞdan Xelef

Poetry Translation Centre

The Poetry Translation Centre writes that they are "very proud to present our first ever workshop on Kurmanji poetry. We will be focussing on the work of Iraqi poet ZĂŞdan Xelef, who works in this dialect also known as Northern Kurdish."

Our Women on the Ground: Arab Women Reporting from the Arab World

Join a panel discussion moderated by editor Zahra Hankir, with journalists Aida Alami, Eman Helal, and Heba Shibani on Our Women on the Ground: Arab Women Reporting from the Arab World – a book bringing together nineteen Arab women journalists to reflect on how they report on their changing homelands in this first-of-its-kind essay collection. In their own words, they talk about what it’s like to report on conflicts that, quite literally, hit close to home.