Sunday Submissions: Writing Sabbaticals for Arab Authors

Mophradat is offering subsidies to support “emerging creative writers from the Arab world working in the genres of contemporary fiction, nonfiction, and poetry“:

The deadline to apply is January 15, 2021.

This grant is targeted at published authors working on a new piece, who are in need of time to focus. It will be granted to four to six writers each open call, and each writer will receive a stipend, the aim of which is to allow them to take time off to complete their text.

Writers will receive an amount ranging between $600 to $1300US per month, based on cost of living in their country of residency, and it can cover from one to three months. Applicants must have a publisher interested in their forthcoming work. Literary journals qualify.

The criteria:

  • “Applicants must be from or living in the Arab world.
  • “Applicants must be authors of creative writing including fiction, poetry, criticism, essay, and other artistic forms. These sabbaticals are not for academic writing, film, or journalism.
  • “Applicants must be published writers with at least two prior instances of publication.
  • “Applicants must provide a letter of interest from a publisher for the new work they will develop with this sabbatical. Innovative proposals in method and form will be given priority.
  • “Applicants must commit to taking leave of their day jobs for the entire sabbatical period (For those who are selected: If employed, a letter from their place of employment must be provided confirming the agreed time out).”

Find out more at the Mophradat website and apply by filling in a form here.