Aftermath Bodies: Corporeality in Contemporary Iraqi fiction

Ever since the US-led invasion of Iraq, local and diaspora authors have been engaging with new aesthetics of corporeality. In this seminar, Hanan Jasim Khammas, CCL Visiting Doctoral Scholar, in discussion with Ikram Masmoudi (University of Delaware) and Hanna Simpson(University of Oxford), reviews aspects of corporeality in contemporary Iraqi fiction and shows how new representation of the body suggest a development in the perceptions of the body as a cultural sign.

1-Day Translation Workshop: Translating Humor in Contemporary Arabic Literature

Humor is one of the most difficult concepts for any writer or translator to engage with, and yet undoubtedly the most rewarding when it’s done right. This course encourages you to translate humor from a range of genres in contemporary Arabic literature: memoir, graphic novel, short stories, and young adult literature from across the Arabic speaking world such as Libya, Lebanon, Mauritania and Palestine.

Arabic Pasts: Histories and Historiographies

This annual exploratory and informal workshop offers the opportunity to reflect on history writing in Arabic. This year, three days of the workshop will be held online and only Day 2 will be in person at the Aga Khan Centre, London. We hope to welcome newcomers to the workshop and to encourage a lively discussion. The programme is exciting as ever, with 25 papers treating history writing from the eighth century up to the present.

A Paper Trail Across the Lands of Islam

"Paper, perhaps the most common manufactured item in everyday use, was invented in China over 2,000 years ago. One thousand years later, Muslims learned of it after they conquered Central Asia in the early eighth century. They quickly carried it and the techniques of manufacturing it across Eurasia and Northern Africa to the shores of the Atlantic."