Mini Symposium on Arabic Literature in Translation

This mini symposium proposes to investigate modern Arabic literature in translation. The translation of Arabic texts has a complicated history, incorporating publishers’ reticence to publish translations, politics, gender, as well as difficulties of situating Arabic literature within the all-encompassing world literature.

Translation as Haven: Dwelling in the Language of the In-Between

Emma Ramadan will discuss her relationship to translation and how translating texts that exist outside the domain of classical French—particularly experimental literature and works from North Africa and the Arab World—has opened up space for new language and new meanings, and in turn allowed for the discovery of a personal haven in the in-between.

The Art of Reviewing Literature in Translation

The National Book Critics Circle will hold a panel with literary translators and critics, discussing strategies for book critics reviewing a work in translation.

Mona Kareem: ‘Translation against National Literature, The Gulf Example’

In this talk, Dr. Mona Kareem (Tufts Center for Humanities) will share with us her research project around modern literature in the Arab Gulf. Kareem's project applies a transnational framework around literature in the Gulf, assembling a multilingual body of writings that share a geography. She considers the potentials of translation in challenging the borders […]

New Frontiers for Arabic Literature & Translation

This special event taking place as part of the Dubai Expo is for literary translators, publishers, writers and other professionals involved in Arabic literature and translation.

Translating Picture Books

Join Ruth Ahmedzai Kemp, Daniel Hahn, Lawrence Schimel, and Helen Wang as they answer questions about being a translator and the translation of picture books.

Race and Responsibility in Translation

Join Kaiama Glover and Barbara Ofosu-Somuah as they discuss how translation functions as a mode of racialised narrative and therefore demands an ethics of care that implicates the writer, the translator, the publisher, and even the audience.