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BULAQ is a podcast about contemporary writing from and about the Mashreq and Maghreb. We talk about books written in Aleppo, Cairo, Marrakech and beyond. BULAQ is hosted by Ursula Lindsey and M Lynx Qualey and co-produced by Sowt.

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Ursula Lindsey & M Lynx Qualey

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Getting Your Wish BULAQ | بولاق

Egyptian graphic novelist Deena Mohamed talks about her debut urban-fantasy trilogy Shubeik Lubeik (“Your Wish is My Command”). A product of playful self-translation, it’s coming to English as a single volume. It will be unbottled by Pantheon (US) and Granta (UK) on January 10, 2023.  Show Notes:  While the US edition keeps the title “Shubeik Lubeik,” the UK edition will use a literal translation: “Your Wish Is My Command.” Find more of Deena’s work at http://deenadraws.art and on Twitter and Instagram as @itsdeenasaur. The Arabic originals were published by Dar Mahrousa and are available in the US through Maamoul Press.
  1. Getting Your Wish
  2. Yasmin El-Rifae’s Radius
  3. 1001 Nights: A Never Ending Story
  4. End of Summer Reading
  5. The Interesting Case of a Saudi Novel