AUC Launches New Translation Initiatives, Including Translator-in-Residence, Annual Journal

Rania Khallaf, of Al Ahram Weekly, attended the first in a new series of lectures on Arabic-English translation, hosted by the groundbreaking Denys Johnson-Davies.

They also plan lectures hosted by author Ahdaf Soueif and translator Humphrey Davies.

Besides the lecture series, the AUC’s Center for Translation Studies will:

*convene a yearly international translation studies conference.

*hold theoretical, historical and practical thematic workshops and seminars

*host “translators in residence”

*and launch an annual bilingual journal, In Translation, “to announce the best student in translation, review translations in the market, and suggest works for translation and interview translators and publishers.”

Well, damn.

Read the whole piece on Al Ahram.  There’s also a press release from AUC.