The Ghaddafi Prize for Literature Goes to…

Now here’s a literary prize not everyone will want on their resume: The Ghaddafi Prize, awarded this year to writer and critic Dr. Jaber Asfour. Asfour also is director of the National Center for Translation in Egypt.

The Ghaddafi Prize for Literature was established in 2007 and comes with a $200,000 check.

I found this snippet that made me feel pleased Dr. Asfour has a little extra cash:

“Dr. Jaber Asfour published an article in Al-Ahram newspaper on August 13th, 2007, entitled “Dear Intellectuals Unite”. In his article, Asfour criticized Sheikh Badri and described him as “lying in wait to pounce on” thoughts, culture and creativity. Asfour further said that Elbadri is the model example of the new “Mohtaseb” (those who file Hesba cases). These cases have led to many disasters, such as the verdict against the poet Ahmed Abdel Muti Hijazi, which was, according to Asfour, a disgrace for Egyptian culture.

“After this article, Elbadri filed a lawsuit, which led to the court sentencing both Asfour and Al-Ahram newspaper to a fifty thousand pound fine. The case has not yet been closed, as Asfour appealed the verdict and is awaiting the next ruling.”

From the Arabic Network for Human Rights.