If You’re in Cairo Today

Ahmed Khalifa (I have quoted his book- and film-review blog on more than one occasion) will have a signing tonight for his new novel, Beware the Stranger. According to Khalifa, it’s “the first English-language Egyptian Young Adult (YA) horror novel in history.”

And I don’t know that there’s much YA horror in Arabic, either.

It’s tonight at Kotob Khan, 7 p.m., (that’s Laselky Street in New Ma’adi); you can see the event listing on Kotob’s Facebook page.

And, for goodness sakes, GO. If you have a young adult in your house, SEND THEM. I don’t want to feel sheepish in front of my friend Yasmine P. any more, who recently returned from a three-year stint in Jerusalem and brags, Oh, the Palestinians are so much better about attending literary events…oh, the Palestinians are so much more on-time…