If You’re in Cairo

Kotob Khan has announced a second workshop on literary criticism under the supervision of Professor Sayed Bahraoui. The workshop will start in April; let them know if you’re interested.

Also, I know it’s not literature, but three new films from at the AUC (with formatting cut and pasted from my email inbox):

Sunday 11 April 6:00 – 8:00
AUC New Campus, Core Academic Center, room C205

Thorns & Silk
Directed by Paulina Tervo, 13 mins
A cab driver, police officer, mechanic and filmmaker, this film tells four unusual stories
from Palestine featuring women who work in jobs that are conventionally associated with men.
All four women have the courage to break customary rules, but not without challenges.
Guest Speaker: Paulina Tervo

Cairo Conversations
Directed by Jeannette, 30 mins
Rizk Um Hani and her daughters, three women of a poor, Christian family, share about the daily
realities of life in Cairo. They allow a glimpse into what it means to struggle, love and survive
hardship in a world where they are disadvantaged because of their gender and social class.
Guest Speaker: Jeannette Rizk

Sunday 2 May 2:00-4:00
AUC New Campus, Core Academic Center, room C205

Marriage Egyptian Style
Directed by Reem Saad, 40 mins
This film focuses on Wiza, an Egyptian woman, who works as a house cleaner and
lives in al-Hussein, Cairo. She was abandoned by her husband, who now lives with his
other wife, and Wiza now lives in a one-room house with her daughter and sons. Wiza talks
about the problems of her own marriage, and at the same time trying to find a suitable
partner for her son and daughter.
Guest Speaker: T.B.A