Samandal is Online!

I don’t like exclamation points (except in the case of irony, of course!!), but in this case I think it’s warranted.

Go ahead, skip my discussion of this literary graphic / literary comic / literary…uh, magazine, just go.

Samandal is a lit mag, so it would be unrealistic to expect it to leap seamlessly from success to success, but you will find a lot of visual interest here, and some sizzle in (some of the) the stories. Plus very different artistic styles, different types of storytelling, different story structures.

The magazine accepts graphic-novel submissions in Arabic, French, and English, and produces three different versions of each…cartoon? Graphic story? You also can suggest a story line, and they might just find you an illustrator.

Issues 0-4 are available for free online. Issue 5 is widely available in Lebanon, and at a few shops in London, Berlin, and New York. None in Cairo. Yet.

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