But a Nicer Refugee Camp, Right?

No, it’s not that Elias Khoury.

A totally different Khoury

It’s a Palestinian (our Elias is Lebanese) attorney of the same name who’s  funded a translation of Amos Oz’s A Tale of Love and Darkness into Arabic. I’ve not read it, but it’s supposed to be Oz’s masterpiece, a moving story of Jewish refugees fleeing Europe.

The other Elias Khoury writes moving stories about, among other things, Palestinian refugees fleeing Palestine.

I like the idea of reading across borders and enmities; I support Israeli-Arab book clubs; but this quote of Amos Oz’s…hmm.

Oz apparently said, in an interview with the NY Times: “I am very eager for Arabs to read this to realize that Israel, just like Palestine, is a refugee camp.”