AHNRI: Egyptian Publisher Abducted and Home Raided by State Security

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information reported yesterday that the house of publisher Ahmed Mahanna was raided. Mahanna, director of the publishing house Dar Dawwin, was apparently arrested because of the publication of El Baradei And The Dream of The Green Revolution by the outspoken Kamal Gobrial.

According to Al Dostor, 23-year-old publisher Ahmed Mahanna is also a blogger.

State Security raided Mahanna’s house at dawn Saturday, according to ANHRI. Officers reportedly searched it thoroughly for copies of the book. However, ANHRI reports that the book has been on the  market for a week. According to Al Dostor, ElBaradei and Gobrial said the coming change in Egypt will be a Green Revolution (a clear reference to Iranian students’ calls for change)  “without bloodshed or loss.”

According to blogger Dalia Ziada:

Dar Dawin is a young and promising publishing house that started few years ago with the purpose of giving talented young writers the opportunity to have their works published without waiting on the long list of the giant publishers who monopolized the publishing business in Egypt for tens of years.

ANHRI said that Mahanna’s exact whereabouts are now unknown. A reason for his arrest has not been declared.

According to CNN, friends who gathered late Saturday night outside Cairo’s al-Amiriya police station were told by security personnel that Mahanna was still detained though his whereabouts were unknown.

On its website, the Arabic Network for Human Rights Information said:

The housebreaking  of a publisher and arresting him  for a book about  ElBaradei  in such ambiguous way without giving reasons or  declaring charges is a serious violation of freedom of opinion and expression. It clearly shows the intention of the government to gag  all dissenting voices as well as those supporting  ElBaradei and the National Assembly of change.

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