First Creative-Writing Craft Book in Arabic

For those who sneer at the creative-writing “industry,” I’m sure this warrants an extra-sneery sneer. But, for myself—someone who teaches a creative-writing workshop in Egypt, and who loves the literature of her chosen homeland—I applaud Iman Humaydan’s efforts to bring the better aspects of creative-writing craft into Arabic.

Kitabat al-kitaba, an anthology being assembled by the Lebanese teacher/author/activist Humaydan, will apparently be the first of its kind in Arabic.

According to Maia Tabet (who will be translating two of the essays into English), Kitabat al-kitaba will contain a number of essays on the craft of writing, including an essay by Humaydan, and one by fellow Lebanese author Alawiyya Sobh.

Humaydan has previously taught creative writing, among other places, in Iowa City and at the University of Iowa. She is also the author of Wild Mulberries and B is for Beirut, both published in English by Interlink. The book will also be published in English.