Someone Attend This Conference for Me and Take Lots of Notes


The conference, called “Continuing the Conversation: Bridging Civilizations Through Translation,” will take place in Qatar’s “Education City” May 19 and 20.

According to The Peninsula:

The plenary sessions[,] which are open to the public, will be devoted to various themed discussions including[:] ‘What Makes a Literary Translator and What Does a Literary Translator Do?’, ‘The Politics of Translation: Culture, Gender and Art’, and ‘Ways Forward: A Public Round Table of Plenary Speakers and Leaders’.


In addition to attending the plenary discussions, groups of translators will meet in workshops with leading practitioners and educators to focus on various aspects of the craft in relation to Arabic/English and English/Arabic translations.

More details can be found on the Carnegie Mellon Qatar website.

Thanks in advance for dropping everything and rushing to Qatar for me.